SANTA ANITA 29.05.2015
Track Name: Santa Anita
Sheet Date: Friday, May 29, 2015

Race 1 Race Summary

1 – J and S Express (6/5)
Won well at this level last time out. Can repeat.

3 – Shy Rosa (9/5)
Will be early in the pace. A fast pace will see her home.

4 – Where Is My Mind (7/2)
Value horse; Takes a slight drop in class with 5lbs less in the back but it might not be good enough to challenge our top 2. One to watch.

WPS #1
DD: 1-3/1-4-5
Race 2 Race Summary

4 – Sky Preacher (7/2)
Value horse;I trust that the horse will get the distance of ground but I don’t trust the jockey to get the pace of the race accurately. In 42 races on the turf, the jockey has won ONLY 7% and a small 24% of time he hits the board. Don’t tell me about HOF.

5 – Bolo (3/5)
He’s back to where he belongs. He’s obviously, the one to beat.

1 – Hero Ten All (4/1)
Value horse;Tried the distance and surface last time out and didn’t do badly. He had a slow start and closed rapidly.

WPS #4
DD: 4-5/2-4-6
Race 3 Race Summary

6 – Baby Bea Scattin (7/2)
Sherman is 16% Maiden Special starters and 44% in the money.

4 – Swiss Affair (5/2)
Has the best works coming into this race.

2 – Pulpit Rules (15/1)
Longshot; Failed to get the break on both previous starts. He has potential to upset this field but needs to get it right at the gate first. His Dam has 50% record for 2yo’s winning early.

WPS #6
DD: 2-4-6/3-5-6
Race 4 Race Summary

3 – Sambamzajammin (9/5)
Trainer Brocklebank has won with two nice 2yo already this meet over 4 1/2 and this look poised to make it three. Dam has a 50% record from 6 starters as a 2yo. She has the best works.

5 – Sharpest One (30/1)
Longshot; Working well. Trainer/Jockey has a 33% combo going.

6 – Ride the Shark (5/2)
She has the 2nd best works in this race.

WPS #3
DD: 3-5-6/2-4-7-9
Race 5 Race Summary

2 – Bella Breeze (4/1)
Looked green on debut but ran a very good time setting her own pace. Can win this from infront.

7 – Arewehavingfunyet (9/2)
The first timer, who is out of sire (Big Brown) with a 14% strike rate for 1st time turfers. She’s working like a train and is expect to run likewise.

9 – Ya Ya Girl (5/2)
She was close two starts back over this same trip. She is 4lbs light with a “better jockey” Bejarano in the saddle I suppose. If position well and not ridden to be late by the jockey, she should pose a serious threat.

4 – Katy Drama (3/1)
Ran two races over the distance and course in fairly good times. Baze/Miller combo has a 32% strike rate at this meet and 64% of the times in the money.

WPS #2
DD: 2-4-7-9/2-4-6
$.50 Pick-4: 2,4,7,9 / 2,4,6 / 6,7,8 / 3,4,8. $54
Race 6 Race Summary

4 – Twinkle Toes (6/1)
Won a hard fought race on last at this distance. He’s going to close but needs a fast early pace.

6 – Del Mar Dixie (4/1)
Baze loves these type of horses that are cutting back in distance. The trainer is 22% in claiming race and whopping 51% in the money. Baze/Mullins also has good combo going this meet with 24% of 17 starters winning and 47% of the times in the money. One to beat.

2 – Warrens Goldnugget (4/1)
Value horse; Won her last race over this distance and has been in hiding. Are they searching for value? She should run good.

5 – Watdifrenzdzitmake (5/2)
4th choice.

WPS #4
DD: 2-4-6/6-7-8
Race 7 Race Summary

8 – Chokecherymary (6/1)
Value horse;Ignore the figures, this Prat/Mandella’s combination is MONEY. Flavien has been riding this turf course like a man on fire. Very hot. He has been winning some nice races for the Mandella’s and this is no exception.

6 – Jade With Envy (9/5)
Has a very good chance at winning if Bejarano isn’t late to the party over the 9F distance AGAIN.

7 – Prevaricator (3/1)
Baze/Mullins combo AGAIN. She will get the distance and should make her presence felt.

WPS #8
DD: 6-7-8/3-4-8
Race 8 Race Summary

8 – Travel Free (4/1)
Her early pace figures are way better than this field. With a clean break, she should wrap this up early. One to beat.

4 – Mudge (4/1)
Has been knocking on the door in her last 3 starts and should get some answers today. Perez will likely keep her just off the leader before making a move.

3 – Precious Caroline (12/1)
Longshot;Has ran into some very fast early fractions in her sprint races. She should make her presence felt throughout.

WPS #8
Top Best Plays
5th $.50 Pick-4: 2,4,7,9 / 2,4,6 / 6,7,8 / 3,4,8. $54
7th DD: 6-7-8/3-4-8

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