AQUEDUCT 24.02.2014
Track Name: Aqueduct
Sheet Date: Monday, February 24, 2014
Race 1 Race Summary
DD: 5/2-3-6-7
DD: 1-5/2-3-6-7
PICK 3: 5/2-3-6-7/1-3-4
$.50 Pick-5: 5 / 2,3,6,7 / 1,3,4 / 3,5,9 / 2,3,6. $54
$.50 Pick-5: 5 / 2,3,6,7 / 1,3,4 / 3,9 / 2,3,6. $36

5 – Stage Name 4/1
This filly is one that can be consider for the Kentucky Oaks. She is way above these colts. Ran well in her second race against Maiden Claimers winning by 11 lengths. To my surprise, she put into a sprints race next time out. She’s a stayer and will get up 10f. OUR BEST BET OF THE DAY.

1 – Pin and Win 2/1
Despite his not so impressive finishes in this class. He can run well enough to beat these today. His running style is that of a 6f-8f type horse but he’s still searching for his right class. BACKUP HORSE.
Race 2 Race Summary
WPS #2
DD: 2-3-6-7/3-4
$.50 Pick-4: 2,3,6,7 / 1,3,4 / 3,5,9 / 2,3,6. $54
$.50 Pick-4: 2,3,6,7 / 1,3,4 / 3,5,9 / 2,3. $36

2 – Kissed and Missed 6/5
This gelding out of D’Wildcat lead in his last race among Maiden Claimers but was caught late after he drifted out. Going a half of a furlong shorter, we expect her to try make one move from in front.

7 – Letsfaceitjohnny 3/1
Kissed and Missed was just given the nod over him because he’s needs to prove himself first time out in this wide open lackluster looking race. He’s working fairly well but what caught my eyes about this colt was the fact that he was purchased for $260k at Keeneland SEP 2011 sales. He’s bred good being out of Tale of the Cat x Satin Sunrise but he needs to prove it on the track today. We have concerns about this 260k purchase making his debut in a Maiden Claimers race.

3 – Rontos’ Code 5/2
This is son of Omega Code has been running pretty consistent and finished no further than 4th in his last 8 starts. He ran 3rd behind our top pick last time out. He’s improving and is expected to make his presents felt throughout today.

6 – Harry Consolidator 20/1
Our longshot and deep closer in this race. He needs a FAST PACE race. He’s our backup option if the pace goes extremely fast upfront to run on late.
Race 3 Race Summary
WPS #3
DD: 1-3-4/3-9
DD: 1-3-4/3-5-9
PICK 3: 1-3-4/3-5-9/2-3
PICK 3: 1-3-4/3-9/2-3-6

3 – Starship Elusive 8/5
This horse left a minor impression on me last time out and i think it will increase after this race. She ran her first race over the course and won by 2 lengths beating CLM 12,500k. Up in class today, 5 pounds lighter, Taylor Rice aboard who wins at 50% riding for Jacobson in the last 60 days. The mare out of Elusive Quality is expected to win today.

4 – E Z Passer 6/1
Ran an impressive race two starts ago and was brought back too quickly to face Allowance horses. She is back where she belongs among claimers looking for value and is expected to run good under low percent jockey Chen Men.

1 – Talent n Passion 5/2
Won two races in similar company among claimers like these. She was subsequently put up in against Optional Claimers & Allowance foes. This filly is one to watch today because of the class drop.
Race 4 Race Summary
WPS #9
$1 Exacta: 9 / 2,3,5,7,8
$.10 Superfecta: 9 / 2,3,5,7,8 / 2,3,5,7,8 / 2,3,5,7,8
DD: 3-5-9/2-3
DD: 3-5-9/2-3-6
PICK 3: 3-5-9/2-3/1-7
PICK 3: 3-5-9/2-3-6/1-7

9 – Finders Key 4/1
I have been waiting PATIENTLY on his horse to get chance at a mile or over. Being out of Discreet Cat, i know she can get the distance but why she is running at mile for the first time after 15 starts? I’m curious. She is in the right class and getting the right distance. She should finish POWERFUL today.

3 – House On Toilsome 5/2
Ran just 3 days ago and his now being stretch back out to her preferable distance at a mile. I’m not a fan of bringing back a horse in 3-5 days time but this one deserve a look in. If she runs anything near her last race (If not tired), we expected her to finish late and catch the leaders.

5 – Maxana 8/1
Our backup horse in case our top pick 2 doesn’t fire today. Expect her to come late.
Race 5 Race Summary
WPS #2
DD: 2-3/1-7
DD: 2-3-6/1-7
PICK 3: 2-3/1-7/1-4-7
PICK 3: 2-3-6/1-7/1-4-7

2 – Red Minx 3/1
Set her own pace and won on debut. The time of the race was not so impressive but she should improve from that start and is expected to do well in this spot. Trained by Todd Pletcher who wins at 25% with his Allowance horses. OUR BEST OF THE DAY

3 – Go West Marie 5/2
She was RUSHED into the Dearly Precious Stakes after merely winning her first race among Maiden Claimers by 6 3/4 lengths after 3 attempts. With that experience under her belt, we expect her to make her presence felt.

6 – Foxbeau 6/1
Won her last race against claimers after finishing 3rd by 5 3/4 at this level. Will be used as a mere BACKUP HORSE in case our top 2 fails to delivery.
Race 6 Race Summary
WPS #1
$1 Exacta: 1,7 / 1,2,4,5,7,8
$.10 Superfecta: 1 / 2,4,5,7,8 / 2,4,5,7,8 / 2,4,5,7,8. $6
DD: 1-7/1-4-7
DD: 1-3-7/1-4-7
$1 Pick-3: 1,7 / 1,4,7 / 3,7,8
$.50 Pick-4: 1,7 / 1,4,7 / 3,7,8 / 2,8,11. $27
$.50 Pick-4: 1,3,7 / 1,4,7 / 3,7,8 / 2,8,11. $40.50

1 – Between the Lines 9/5
Just as the name suggest, we expected him to be moving through horses late. He paid his dues last time in his first Allowance appearance, working well coming into this race. He should make his presence felt today. One to beat.

7 – One Red Cat 2/1
Has been consistent in last two starts, winning one and finishing second in the other. He comes in today 7 pounds lighter than his last race but stepping up in class. He will be thereabout at the end. MUST USE.

3 – Trackmens Star 30/1
This gelding out of Saarland is stepping up in class. He won two races at the distance in October last year at Finger Lakes but will be used merely as a BACKUP HORSE TODAY.

Race 7 Race Summary
WPS #1
DD: 1-4-7/3-7-8
PICK 3: 1-4-7/3-7-8/2-8-11

1 – Ruthless Alley 8/1
Has beaten our 2nd choice two starts ago in a good time. Stepped up to Allowance and gave an credible account of himself. One to beat.

4 – Fiona’s Hero 7/2
Has been very consistent in his last 5 starts and is expected to be there when this race is being decided. MUST USE.

7 – Awake At T Wire 20/1
A longshot in the making. He has ran good at Aqueduct in all races on dirt. He’s expected to stalk the leaders today and might win if there is no serious threat. MUST USE.

Race 8 Race Summary
WPS #7
DD: 3-7-8/2-8-11

7 – Uman Candy 8/5
Failed as a favorite in her last 2 starts. What is encourage though is the fact that she finished good after being bobbled and bumped at the start of her last race. We expect her to get it right this time out. One to beat.

8 – Prize Taker 4/1
An improving horse for a hot trainer is always a good combo. Although, she finished 3rd behind our third choice. It was a 5 wide move that cost her a few ground. She is expected to be around at the end. MUST USE.

3 – Start It Up 10/1
I love this horse today in this spot but i don’t like the fact that she hasn’t worked since December. She will be on or off the lead early and could steal it under Angel Arroyo. MUST USE.

Race 9 Race Summary
WPS #11

11 – Jazzminegem 3/1
This filly out Mineshaft should get it done first time of asking. With some solid works under her belt, Hot Jockey abroad, Hot 20% trainer jockey combo in the mix. She should win today. One to beat.

8 – Very Accomplished 30/1
Finished a mere 9th by 12 lengths on debut after hitting the gate. With blinkers on today, she should improve and can upset this field. MUST USE.

2 – Prairie Stone 9/2
I’m of the impression that the trainer didn’t try with this one on debut. The daughter of Stonesider seems to be well tuned for this race and is expected to be thereabout at the end. MUST USE.
Top 5 Best Plays
2nd $.50 Pick-4: 2,3,6,7 / 1,3,4 / 3,5,9 / 2,3,6. $54
6th DD: 1-3-7/1-4-7
6th $.50 Pick-4: 1,7 / 1,4,7 / 3,7,8 / 2,8,11. $27
7th DD: 1-4-7/3-7-8

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